Master's Theses 1975 to 1980

1980 Master's Theses

Thesis: Planning for Survival: A Planning Study of Higher Education for the 1980s    
Topic: Environmental Education Policy
Author: Roger Watkins

Thesis: Work Equity and Housing Assistance Agencies      
Topic: Housing Policy 
Author: Mark Siegenthaler

Thesis: Swine Influenza Program As a Case Study in Public Health Policy
Topic:  Public Health and Nutrition Policy & Planning
Author:  Barbara Schoeman

Thesis: Radical Environmental Politics  
Topic: Corporate Env. Policy & Industrial Ecology
Author: Donald Falk 

Thesis: Asbestos Exposure in Massachusetts Public Schools 
Topic: Public Health and Nutrition Policy & Planning 
Author: Karen (Irving) Deady

Thesis: Policies for the Preservation of Farmland in Michigan   
Topic: Land Use Policy & Planning
Author: Sally Churchill

Thesis: Pedestrian Planning Alternatives for Walkable Cities: Newbury Street, Boston    
Topic: Urban Planning & Design
Author: Lisa Christopher

Thesis: The Community Reinvestment Act and the Regulators: An Analysis of the Provident Branch Denial  
Topic: Community Development Policy & Planning
Author: Patricia Canavan

Thesis: Planning for Primary Care Services, in Malden, Massachusetts
Topic: Public Health and Nutrition Policy & Planning
Author: Mary Campbell

1979 Master's Theses

Thesis: Nutrition Programs for the Elderly
Topic: Race, Gender, & Elderly Policy
Author: Bernice Zysow

Thesis: The Structure of Environmental Planning Process and Practice
Topic: Toxics and Environmental Health​​​​​​​
Author: Frank Thibodeau

Thesis: Citizen Participation in Community Development Block Grants: Two Styles of Involvement   
Topic: Community Development Policy & Planning​​​​​​​
Author: Margaret Smith

Thesis: Planning to Provide Primary Care Services in Medford, Massachusetts     
Topic: Public Health and Nutrition Policy & Planning​​​​​​​
Author: Linda Roemer

Thesis: The Medical Risks of Later Childbearing: A Study of Risk Information and Obstetric Practices   
Topic: Race, Gender, & Elderly Policy​​​​​​​
Author: Laura Newman

Thesis: The Integration of Occupational Health Services into a Health Maintenance Organization    
Topic: Corporate Env. Policy & Industrial Ecology​​​​​​​ 
Author: Michael Kogan

Thesis: Dynamics of Waterfront Development Case Study: Portland, Maine  
Topic: Water Resources and Fisheries Policy & Planning
Author: Elizabeth Flemings

Thesis: Public Policy and the Inter-City Bus Industry     
Topic: Transportation Policy & Planning​​​​​​​
Author: Marc Cutler

1978 Master's Theses

Thesis: ​​​​​​​Study of Mortgage Disinvestment: Response by Commonwealth of Massachusetts to the Problem
Topic: Water Resources and Fisheries Policy & Planning
Author: Rose Snyder

Thesis: Evaluation of Masspool, Commonwealth of Massachusetts Carpooling Program   
Topic: Transportation Policy & Planning​​​​​​​
Author: Joyce Hals

Thesis: Citizen Participation in the Boston Region's Transportation Planning Process    
Topic: Transportation Policy & Planning​​​​​​​
Author: William Gage

Thesis: The Role of Community Hospitals in Preventive Geriatrics  
Topic: Public Health and Nutrition Policy & Planning​​​​​​​
Author: Jean Cummiskey

Thesis: An Analysis of the Decision-Making Process of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Quality Engineering 
Topic: Air Quality and Climate Change Policy & Planning​​​​​​​
Author: Heather Conover

Thesis: The Efforts of Fair Share Toward Property Tax Reform in Massachusetts     
Topic: Land Use Policy & Planning
Author: John Brezack

1977 Master's Theses

Thesis: A Medical and Health Care Plan for Selected Residents Leaving the Walter E. Fernald State School 
Topic: Welfare and Social Services Policy​​​​​​​
Author: Welfare and Social Services Policy

Thesis: Coastal Zone Management: A Strategy for Program Implementation  
Topic: Water Resources and Fisheries Policy & Planning​​​​​​​
Author: Daniel Ouellette

Thesis: Evaluation of School Within Program at Medford High School
Topic: Environmental Education Policy​​​​​​​
Author: Margaret Holloway

1976 Master's Theses

Thesis: Pollution Control in Lake Victoria: A Challenge to the East African Community    
Topic: International Policy & Planning​​​​​​​ 
Author: Peter Kenya

Thesis: A Base Study of Local Fiscal Changes in Six Rural Counties of New York
Topic: Economic Development and Fiscal Policy​​​​​​​
Author: Salvatore Carbone

Thesis: Resident Characteristics and Social Environmental Factors in Accidents and Injuries to the Institutionalized Retarded     
Topic: Welfare and Social Services Policy​​​​​​​
Author: Vincent Brady

1975 Master's Theses

Thesis: A Study of the Charles River Watershed     
Topic: Water Resources and Fisheries Policy & Planning​​​​​​​
Author: Panthea (aka Susan Wilkes) Redwood

Thesis: The Massachusetts Action Plan: Fact or Fiction  
Topic: Urban Planning & Design​​​​​​​
Author: Jeffrey Paul

Thesis: Environmental Carrying Capacity in the Boston Metropolitan Region    
Topic: Natural Resources Policy & Management ​​​​​​​
Author: Michael Oman

Thesis: Land Use and Development in Kenya     
Topic: International Policy & Planning​​​​​​​
Author: David Mshila

Thesis: Classroom Space Design 
Topic: Environmental Education Policy​​​​​​​
Author: Martha Heller