Data and Spatial Analytics

Planning and Policy making is all about making informed decisions. Urban plans have always included maps and other visuals to better our understanding of cities, regions, and their surroundings. Transportation and Environmental planners generate and use data to develop plans for infrastructure and to better understand the impacts of growth on the environment. With the growing availability of data about both urban and natural environments planners and policy makers also must be data scientists. Spatial analytic methods are powerful tools in the visioning process that can help plan for urban regions and their impacts in the face of climate change. 

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Graduate Classes

UEP 0189 Introduction to Remote Sensing
Instructors: Koch/Barberopoulou

UEP 0231-01 Interactive Web Mapping
Instructor: Platosh

UEP 0232-01 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
Instructors: Srinivasan/ Shakespeare/ Barberopoulou

UEP 0235-01 Advanced GIS
Instructor: Srinivasan

UEP 0236-01 Spatial Statistics
Instructor: Srinivasan

UEP 0237-01 Urban Analytics & Visualization
Instructor: Jiang

UEP 0238-01 Data Science for Urban Sustainability
Instructor: Jiang

UEP 0239-01 Geospatial Programming with Python
Instructor: Barberopoulou

UEP 0294-28 Qualitative GIS: GIS Bootcamp
Instructor: Shakespeare

UEP 0294-29 Qualitative GIS
Instructor: Shakespeare

Undergraduate Classes

GIS 0101-02: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
Instructors: Shakespeare/Thorn

GIS 0102-01: Advanced GIS
Instructor: Srinivasan