At UEP we embrace the inextricable links between social, economic, and environmental challenges and we recognize the value of moving society toward the development of sustainable communities in a just and equitable manner while respecting the limits of supporting ecosystems. Our students have ample opportunities to integrate the study of sustainability with policy, planning, and practice in Field Projects, faculty research and coursework. Sustainability recognizes the connections among agricultural and food systems, energy production and consumption, transportation, built environments, resilient infrastructure and community economic development. The university’s strengths in climate change, renewable energy, and water create opportunities for learning across disciplines.

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UEP 0284-01 Developing Sustainable Communities
Instructor: Agyeman

UEP 0294-14 Sharing Cities, Smart Cities, and Social Innovation
Instructor: Agyeman

UEP 0194-AA Sustainability and the Food Industry
Instructor: Guillemin

UEP 0279-01 Water Resources, Policy and Planning, and Watershed Management
Instructor: Horsley

UEP 0294-08 Data Science for Urban Sustainability
Instructor: Jiang

UEP 0286-01 Environmental Ethics
Instructor: Krimsky

UEP 0226-01 Social Justice and Sustainability
Instructor: Lopez

UEP 0221-01 Climate Change Policy and Planning
Instructor: Rappaport

UEP 0265-01 Corporate Management of Environmental Issues
Instructor: Rappaport

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