Faculty in the News

UEP welcomes Dr. Ted Landsmark to speak at the UEP@50 celebration!          
April 6, 2024                 
UEP is honored to welcome Dr. Theodore "Ted" C. Landsmark, Distinguished Professor of Public Policy and Urban Affairs and Director of the Kitty and Michael Dukakis Center for Urban and Regional Policy, as a featured speaker for the UEP@50 Anniversary Celebration.

Boston Globe opinion piece about equitable and affordable housing co-authored by UEP Emeritus Prof. James Jennings          
March 4, 2024 
Boston Globe Opinion
The article links to a 2023 study authored by James, Bob Terrell, a UEP alum (MPP) and UEP Lecturer, and Kadineyse Paz, an MPP student. The study tapped the insights of 36 community and civic leaders across Massachusetts about what they saw as challenges to fair housing.

UEP Professor Interviewed on National Irish Radio Program     
March 2, 2024 
UEP professor Justin Hollander, A’96, was interviewed about his recent research on Mars on the Irish national talk radio station Newstalk.

When We Fight (and Build), We Win: How Community Organizing Helped Create the East Boston Neighborhood Trust          
February 26, 2024          
Practical Visionaries          
A new story on UEP Professor Penn Loh's Practical Visionaries blog shares the history of community organizing that led to the formation of the East Boston Neighborhood Trust.

UEP Faculty Member interviewed by the "Our Opinions are Correct " Podcast           
February 22, 2024          
Our Opinions are Correct          
UEP faculty member, Aggeliki Barberopoulou got interviewed by the Our Opinions are Correct Podcast. The interview explored her work and experience researching earthquakes and tsunamis and related impacts on lakes, rivers and even creeks.

UEP Faculty Member Article Published in Nonprofit Quarterly          
February 6, 2024          
Nonprofit Quarterly          
Penn Loh, UEP faculty member and Chair of the board of Hyams Foundation had an article published in Nonprofit Quarterly on How Foundations Can Co-Create Movement Infrastructure. The article shares The Hyams Foundation approach to being a movement funder and their process to Build Movement Infrastructure with their movement partners.

New Article by UEP Faculty Member          
January 1, 2024          
Europe PMC          
UEP Faculty member Sumeeta Srinivasan is an author of the recently published paper Traffic Exposure and Breast Cancer Mortality by Area of Residence: Incorporating Clinical and Socioeconomic Data.

UEP Professor Receives Honorary Doctorate from KTH Royal Institute of Technology          
December 3, 2023          
Practical Visionaries          
Julian Agyeman, Professor of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning, and Fletcher Professor of Rhetoric and Debate was recently awarded an honorary doctorate by KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.

Tufts Partners with Ukrainian Professor on Odessa Subway Project            
November 19, 2023            
Practical Visionaries              
Prof. Hennadii Haiko of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, Ukraine worked with UEP Professor Justin Hollander on research modeling the Odessa metro. This project was part of the Tufts University Scholars at Risk (SAR) program, which provides fellowships for scholars, artists, and writers from around the world.

Mapping Art: UEP Faculty Member Publishes New Research               
UEP faculty member Aggeliki Barberopoulou published a new research article: Mapping art: 3D geovisualization and virtual worlds in cultural heritage. The purpose of this paper is to highlight the use of digital mapping and GIS in combination with 3D geo-visualization in depicting landscapes and cultural heritage sites.

UEP Professor Featured in WIRED Magazine               
October 24, 2023               
WIRED Magazine               
UEP professor Justin Hollander, A’96, was interviewed for an article in WIRED magazine, where his research with former Tufts students, Minyu Situ, G’19, and Alexander Seto, E’22, on social bots was highlighted.

UEP Faculty Member and MPP Student on Climate One Podcast               
October 24, 2023               
Climate One               
Faculty Member Justin Hollander and MPP student Vernon Walker were guest speakers on a recent Climate One podcast titled "Community Resilience: Knowing Your Neighbor Could Save Your Life."

UEP Faculty Member Presented in the 10th Urban China Forum               
October 13, 2023               
Columbia GSAPP               
UEP Faculty member Shan Jiang recently presented her research on "Mining Small & Big Data for Smart, Equitable, and Resilient Urban Futures" in the 10th Urban China Forum "Transformations and Opportunities of Urban Planning in China in Recent Decades."

UEP Faculty Member Shares Thoughts on the Purpose of Urban Green Spaces               
October 4, 2023               
The Tufts Daily               
Rosalind Greenstein, a UEP faculty member, shared her thoughts on the purpose of urban green spaces.

Game-Changing Climate Adaptation: The Outcomes of a new Research               
October 2, 2023               
Practical Visionaries               
UEP Faulty Member Kathryn Davies shares new research detailing how climate planning can be a more enjoyable and productive process if it were transformed into a game.

UEP Faculty member publishes a new study                
September 11, 2023               
Research Square               
UEP Senior Lecturer Sumeeta Srinivasan publishes a paper on the Risk factors for persistent fatal opioid-involved overdose hotspots in Massachusetts 2011-2021: A spatial statistical analysis with socio-economic, access, and prescription factors.

UEP lecturer publishes a new study on the coastal effects of the 2023 Turkey earthquakes                
September 11, 2023               
UEP lecturer Aggeliki Barberopoulou and an undergraduate published a paper in the Science of Tsunami Hazards Journal. The article discusses the coastal effects, tsunami, and seiching associated with the kahramanmaraş turkey-syria twin earthquakes and aftershock sequence of February 2023.

UEP Professor publishes a new article in the Journal of Climate Resilience and Justice               
September 5, 2023               
UEP Professor Justin Hollander and team published a new article in the Journal of Climate Resilience and Justice titled Climate Change and Urban   Migration in Sub-Saharan African Cities: Impacts and Governance Changes.

UEP Senior Lecturer publishes a paper on Pandemic Response and Mutual aid as Climate Resilience               
September 5, 2023               
UEP Senior Lecturer Penn Loh published a new study in the Journal of Climate Resilience and Justice titled Pandemic Response and Mutual Aid as Climate Resilience: Learning from Community Responses in the Boston Area.

Community-Led Food Ecosystems: UEP Senior Lecturer's Spotlight in Next City Magazine                
August 31, 2023               
Next City Magazine                
UEP Senior Lecturer Penn Loh sheds light on how community organizations creating sustainable food ecosystems in Boston's lower-income neighborhoods offer insight into resident-led food security initiatives nationwide.

UEP Welcomes Two New Faculty Members: Peilei Fan and Hassaan Khan               
June 12, 2023               
Practical Visionaries               
We are delighted to announce the addition of two esteemed faculty members to the UEP community: Dr. Peilei Fan and Dr. Hassaan F. Khan. Both bring a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and passion to our academic family, further strengthening our commitment to excellence and equity.

UEP Professor and 2023 Graduates Published in Latest Scientific American Issue               
June 2, 2023               
Scientific American               
Tufts UEP professor Justin Hollander, A’96, and three Tufts UEP grad students wrote about their research around biometrics and car-free cities in Scientific American. The research built on a Spring 2022 Field Project report: “Eyes on the Drive: Assessing the Human Experience of Car-Free Urban Design”, with the Human Architecture and Planning Institute.

UEP Professor Talks About Redevelopment of Mill Towns                
May 11, 2023               
NPR's WGBH               
Tufts UEP professor Justin Hollander interviewed by NPR's WGBH on repurposing abandoned mills as residential buildings. The interview relates to his book Supporting Shrinkage: Better Planning and Decision-Making for Legacy Cities.

UEP Alum Bob Terrell Receives Graduate Alumni Outstanding Career Achievement Award               
March 31, 2023               
Practical Visionaries               
Bob Terrell, a 2012 UEP Master of Public Policy (MPP) graduate and current part-time UEP faculty member, was the much-deserved recipient of Tufts’ Graduate Alumni Outstanding Career Achievement Award for this academic year.

Boston.com covers a recent report published by CREW and Tufts researchers               
September 27, 2022               
The new research by CREW and Tufts researchers, including Professor Justin Hollander and Vernon Walker (CREW’s Program Director and an MPP student at UEP), highlights the importance of social connectedness for climate resilience.

Justin Hollander Announced as UEP Interim Chair for Fall 2022               
July 25, 2022               
Tufts Graduate School of Arts and Sciences               
UEP professor Justin Hollander will be serving as Interim Chair alongside Associate Chair Penn Loh for the duration of the Fall 2022 semester. Julian Agyeman to return in Spring of 2023. 

Mayor-elected Michelle Wu Names UEP Professor Julian Agyeman to Her Transition Team               
November 9, 2021               
UEP professor Julian Agyeman has been named as a transition advisor to the transitional advisory board for Boston mayor-elect, Michelle Wu.

Science for the Public Features Professor Sheldon Krimsky               
October 18, 2021                
Science for the Public               
Professor Sheldon Krimsky is featured in a video interview with Science for the Public on the environmental threats of agrochemicals.

President Biden Nominates UEP Lecturer Maria Robinson to Department of Energy               
September 22, 2021               
White House Briefing               
UEP lecturer and Massachusetts State Representative Maria Robinson has been nomination by President Biden to serve as the Assistant Secretary in the Office of Electricity at the Department of Energy

Professor Julian Agyeman Weighs In on Infrastructure Spending               
September 7, 2021               
The Conversation               
Tufts professor Julian Agyeman and Northeastern University professor Joan Fitzgerald explain why tearing down highways is a good use for infrastructure money in The Conversation. 

Economics for Emancipation Podcast Features Professor Penn Loh                
July 26, 2021               
Center for Economic Democracy               
In the Center for Economic Democracy's podcast, Economics for Emancipation, UEP professor Penn Loh and Kali Akuno of Cooperation Jackson offer provocative ideas on how we relate to the economy. They also discuss what we can (and must) learn from our current responses to crisis and disaster, to prepare our communities for other crises in the future.

Professor Penn Loh Examines Pandemic Lessons               
July 21, 2021               
Barr Foundation               
UEP professor Penn Loh partnered with Dr. Neenah Estrella-Luna on a report about what the pandemic can teach us about creating truly resilient, equitable communities. Read the blog below for a summary of the report and webinar!

Professor Emerita Rachel Bratt Writes Op-Ed on Housing and School Segregation               
June 28, 2021               
Boston Globe               
Calling attention to the interrelations between housing and school segregation in an article for the Boston Globe, Rachel Bratt reflects on her experience tutoring children who participated in a sit-in at a mostly white school to protest inequities of school segregation in Englewood, NJ.

Aggeliki Barberopoulou, PhD, Joins UEP as the Newest Full-time Faculty Member               
June 15, 2021               
Specializing in natural hazards, hazard mitigation and numerical modeling of geophysical phenomena, Aggeliki Barberopoulou joins the UEP full-time faculty roster to teach additional courses in GIS and Remote Sensing starting this Fall on September 1, 2021. 

Professor Mary Davis Published on Health Effects of Night and Irregular Shiftwork               
April, 2021               
Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine               
The latest journal article by UEP's Mary Davis examines nontraditional work in the US and its impacts on health in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

Professor Sheldon Krimsky Interviewed by Stuart Kelter on Stem Cell Research               
April 5, 2021               
Las Cruces Community Radio               
Professor Sheldon Krimsky was recently interviewed by Stuart Kelter of Las Cruces Community Radio about his 2015 book, Stem Cell Dialogues: a Philosophical and Scientific Inquiry Into Medical Frontiers. To hear the archived broadcast, click the link in the title.

How Urban Planning and Housing Policy Helped Create 'Food Apartheid' in US Cities               
March 9, 2021               
The Conversation               
Professor Julian Agyeman provides an overview of the academic discourse around food justice in this piece for The Conversation, calling attention to potential interventions proposed by Boston mayoral candidate, Michelle Wu.               

Staffing the Mission: Improving Job Quality at Nonprofits               
March 4, 2021               
Nonprofit Leadership Alliance, Elevate Conference               
In this presentation at the Elevate conference of the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance, UEP professor Laurie Goldman and Betsy Leonard-Wright present the steps that nonprofit managers can take to improve staff satisfaction.

Fair Housing and Zoning: Toward a New Boston?               
February 18, 2021               
UEP Professor Emeritus James Jennings and UEP Lecturer and MPP alum Bob Terrell co-authored with other housing advocates an article about changes to Boston's zoning code to affirmatively further fair housing.

Can the Course of Science be Altered by Money? Conflicts of Interest: the Effects of Corporate Influence on Scientific Research               
February 16, 2021               
Finding Genius Podcast               
Professor Sheldon Krimsky discusses how corporate funding impacts scientific research in a wide-ranging interview on the Finding Genius podcast. 

Professor Hollander Co-Writes Op-ed on Vaccination               
January 11, 2021               
Boston Globe               
UEP professor Justin Hollander, together with Carnegie Mellon Computer Science professor Mor Harchol-Balter, weighs in on different strategies for distributing COVID-19 vaccinations.

Lecturer Rebecca Shakespeare Recognized for Outstanding Teaching Strategies during the Pandemic               
January 19, 2021               
Teaching @ Tufts               
Lecturer Rebecca Shakespeare has been highlighted by CELT for her creative approach to teaching during the coronavirus pandemic. Ms. Shakespeare has developed a small group format to improve the efficiency of dual-modality course instruction.

Lecturer Bob Terrell and Professor Emeritus James Jennings Aid in the Fight against Housing Segregation and Displacement in Boston               
December 10, 2020               
Boston Magazine               
Lecturer Bob Terrell and Professor Emeritus James Jennings are quoted by Catherine Elton in an article for the Boston Magazine titled, "How Has Boston Gotten Away with Being Segregated for So Long?". Both also played roles in shaping the ordinance that brings the Fair Housing Act into the new precedent-setting anti-displacement zoning amendment proposed by Boston City Counselor, Lydia Edwards, which was recently approved by the Boston City Council. For further information on how Boston will become the first major city in the country to propose this approach, see the city's press release.  

Social Media Bots and the Community Planning Process               
November 20, 2020               
A research team including UEP professor Justin Hollander and alumna Minyu Situ was featured in Planetizen. Their paper investigates how social media bots may be interfering with community engagement efforts.

Mattapan Residents Mapping History, Future               
November 19, 2020               
The Bay State Banner               
Professor Laurie Goldman, alum Allentza Michel, faculty and students from Tufts and Harvard, and the Greater Mattapan Neighborhood Council are working to support anti-displacement efforts in Mattapan, Boston. Their project combines oral history with interactive mapping.

Lecturer Penn Loh Covers Art and Community Engagement in Boston               
September 28, 2020               
Senior lecturer and former community organizer Penn Loh recently co-published an article with M.A. student Molly Kaviar on their research in Boston's Upham's Corner neighborhood.

Professor Justin Hollander Supports "Smart Shrinkage" for Legacy Cities               
September 3, 2020               
Based on research done for an upcoming book, Professor Hollander's article explains strategies for using abandoned spaces in shrinking cities.

Lecturer Sonja Spears Heads Local Police Reform Task Force in MA               
July 29, 2020               
Boston Globe               
UEP lecturer and former judge Sonja Spears was profiled in the Boston Globe after her appointment as chair of the Police Reform Task Force in Newton, MA.

Professor Julian Agyeman Describes How Urban Planning Has Helped Create a Divided Minneapolis                
July 28, 2020               
The Conversation               
Professor Agyeman covers how urban planning practices, such as zoning, have maintained structural racism. Though it has contributed to the problem, urban planning can also be part of the solution. 

Professor Julian Agyeman Ponders a "Black Commons" on Eve of Juneteenth               
June 18, 2020               
The Conversation               
Along with NC State Professor Kofi Boone, UEP's Julian Agyeman co-wrote a timely opinion piece on "the idea of collective black action and ownership."

Professor Julian Agyeman Authors Op-ed on "Invisible Cyclists" During COVID-19               
May 27, 2020               
The Conversation               
In an opinion piece, Professor Agyeman points out barriers to mobility for low-income and minority populations. Policymakers and planners must create solutions with these "invisible" bicyclists in mind, he argues.

UEP Professor Shan Jiang Shares Tips for Public Transportation               
May 13, 2020               
Transportation Research Board (National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine)               
Professor Shan Jiang was invited to present on a recent paper with her co-authors. The webinar, titled "Data Sharing Tips for Public Transportation Agencies," covered models for effective data sharing.

Professor Penn Loh Featured in Virtual Panel on Economic Justice               
May 6, 2020               
CAN TV               
Professor Penn Loh was one of the guest speakers on a panel discussing economic justice in the time of COVID-19. The event was organized by the University of Illinois at Chicago's Institute for Research on Race and Public Policy as well as its Social Justice Initiative.

UEP Prof Julian Agyeman Shares Vision for Sustainability               
April 23, 2020               
Parks and Recreation Magazine               
Professor Agyeman was interviewed for a feature piece by National Recreation and Park Association President and CEO Kristine Stratton, who in addition to being an UEP alumna is also his former advisee.

Professor Justin Hollander on the Coronavirus Rent Crisis               
March 27, 2020               
UEP Professor Justin Hollander was quoted on the potential impact of coronavirus on households which might already be struggling to pay rent.

Professor Julian Agyeman Chimes In on Indoor Farming               
March 22, 2020               
"How Are We Going to Feed Ourselves When There Are 10 Billion People on the Planet?" asks WGBH. The Boston-based media outlet tapped Professor Agyeman for his expertise on equitable innovation in food systems.

UEP Professor Justin Hollander Calls for Comprehensive Coronavirus Relief               
March 16, 2020               
The Hill               
In an op-ed, Professor Justin Hollander argued that the federal government should assemble a comprehensive aid package that helps a broader spectrum of workers.

Professor Julian Agyeman Talks Environmental Justice               
March 2, 2020               
Landscape Architecture Magazine               
Julian Agyeman, a Tufts University planning professor, discussed his his work in the realm of environmental justice for a profile titled "On Belonging and Becoming."

Professor Emeritus James Jennings Gets Real About Gentrification               
October 7, 2019               
The Freedom Plow               
Tufts UEP Professor Emeritus James Jennings was recently featured on The Freedom Plow, a podcast hosted by the National Conference of Black Political Scientists (NCOBPS), where he was on a panel that covered the effects of gentrification and displacement on public health, urban politics, and affordable housing. Prof. Jennings specifically talked about the context of gentrification in Boston and discussed the four phases of gentrification in the city. Prof. Jennings is a renowned expert in the field of urban politics. Catch up on the expert discussion.

UEP Professor, Justin Hollander, PhD, AICP, Was Featured in the October Edition of the American Planning Association's Planning Magazine               
October 1, 2019               
Planning Magazine               
Justin Hollander, PhD, AICP, a professor at Tufts UEP, had a write-up in Planning Magazine detailing his podcast, Cognitive Urbanism. After a transition into academia from being a practicing planner, Dr. Hollander wanted a forum to be able to be active whilst in the smaller, more niche academic space. Cognitive Urbanism combines Hollander's research, ideas and insights into short 10-15 minute segments that are accessible both to practitioners and a general audience. Hollander describes his podcast as "informal and concise, a chance to quickly learn about something new and enlightening." Listen to Hollander's podcast.               

Curbing Hate Online — and the Violence It Incites in the Real World               
Aug 22, 2019               
Justin Hollander, A96, professor in the Department of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning, has written a commentary for NPR station WBUR's Cognoscenti.               

Here Technologies Presents the New Reality for Mobility               
July 4, 2019               
Traffic Technology Today               
In this video segment, Julian Agyeman, professor of urban and environmental policy and planning, discusses how cities can use technology to make mobility more inclusive and create better livelihoods for all.               

Learning to Love the World's Ugliest Building               
July 1, 2019               
Boston Globe Magazine               
Research by Justin Hollander, A96, professor in the Department of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning, is cited as part of this article about Boston City Hall.

It's All about Food – Sheldon Krimsky, GMOs Decoded​               
June 12, 2019               
Progressive Radio Network               
In this "It's All About Food" radio segment, Sheldon Krimsky, Lenore Stern Professor in the Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning, discusses his new book, GMOs Decoded

Can a City Shrink and Thrive? It's Complicated               
May 21, 2019               
Research by Justin Hollander, A96, professor in the Department of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning, is sited in this article related to shrinking cities. 

CityLine: Sunday, May 12, 2019: Gentrification and Displacement-JPNCD, Part Two               
May 12, 2019               
This news segment highlights UEP Professor Emeritus James Jennings' 2016 study "Understanding Gentrification and Displacement: Community Voices and Changing Neighborhoods."

How the Next Recession Could Save Lives               
Jan. 23, 2019               
2012 research by Mary Davis, associate professor and chair, Department of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning, investigating how economic activity impacts air pollution levels, is cited in this article exploring how public health is affected by economic crises. 

6 Ways Location Technology Is Making Our Cities Better               
May 10, 2019               
Business Insider UK                
Julian Agyeman, professor of urban and environmental policy and planning, notes the importance of government and civilian collaboration, saying "the city is not produced—it is coproduced" in this article about how technology is helping to improve city services around the world.

If Rosa Parks Rode a Bus in Boston Today, She'd See Nearly the Same Segregation She Fought               
Feb. 6, 2019               
The Boston Globe               
Professor of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning Julian Agyeman comments on how Boston could implement a "congestion charge" on private vehicles to fund improved transit, particularly buses, as a way to commemorate Rosa Parks.

Lawrence Reborn: a Polluted Mill Town Reclaims Its Future               
Jan. 11, 2019               
The Christian Science Monitor               
Justin Hollander, Associate Professor, Department of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning, was interviewed as part of an article about brownfields in Lawrence, Massachusetts.