Housing and Community Development

Of the many challenges facing today's urban areas, providing adequate, affordable housing and fostering healthy and equitable community and economic development are among the most complicated and acute. Sprawled development, gentrification and displacement, urban disinvestment, and the legacy of racialized policies and planning practices have contributed to greater segregation, fewer wealth building opportunities, frayed social relationships, and decreased community engagement in many places. UEP students can pursue interests in housing and community development through courses, field projects, thesis topics, and internships with community partners. These offer opportunities to learn about the interplay of social, economic, and political factors and their relationships to land-use, urban design, transportation policy, environmental justice, and community health.

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UEP 0271-01 Community Economic Development
Instructor: Barringer

UEP 0294-18 Jobs That Work
Instructor: Goldman

UEP 0113-01/0213-01 Housing Policy
Instructor: Greenstein

UEP 0261-01 Community Development, Planning, and Politics
Instructor: Hoyt

UEP 0293-02 Community Practice
Instructor: Loh

UEP 0294-24 Housing and Inequality
Instructor: Shamsuddin

UEP 0294-24 Housing, Neighborhoods, and Schools
Instructor: Shamsuddin

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