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Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning


Bikers in Davis Square

At UEP, our focus is on sustainable, smart, equitable and healthy transportation systems.

We center our studies on transit, walking, biking, and shared mobility in an effort to tame the negative social and environmental impacts of the car and auto-normative policy making. We seek a system that supports personal, community, and planetary health over the long term.

Transportation systems must be planned for people of all ages and abilities, including children, the elderly, those with disabilities, and low-income populations. We value a place based urban focus that prioritizes communities over commuters.

We find value in integrating active and healthy transportation into our day to day lives. Such systems can help to reduce air quality impacts at the local and global levels, create economic opportunities for neighborhoods that need it most, and to promote healthy and active lifestyles. We support planning and policy making towards Vision Zero and the concept that our transportation system should never result in serious injury or death.

Data Driven:
Through instruction in GIS, Urban Analytics, and Data Science, we provide opportunities for students to explore data-driven transportation policy and planning. We collaborate with local, regional, and global organizations to obtain and mine big urban data to investigate human mobility, their interactions with the built environment, and impacts on the complex urban systems to devise sustainable, equitable, and healthy policy solutions for future cities.

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Course Course Title Instructor
UEP 0294-14 Sharing Cities, Smart Cities, and Social Innovation Agyeman
UEP 0294-05 Planning for Pedestrians and Cyclists Chase
UEP 0173-02 Transportation Planning Chase
UEP 0224-01/PH 0288-01 Public Health and the Built Environment Davis
UEP 0294-08 Data Science for Urban Sustainability Jiang
UEP 0293-06 Urban Analytics and Visualization Jiang

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