Land Use Planning

Over 40 years ago, Supreme Court Justice Brennan stated, "After all, a policeman must know the Constitution, then why not a planner?”, San Diego Gas & Electric Co. v. City of San Diego, 450 U.S. 621, 661, n.26 (1981) (Brennan, J., dissenting).

UEP’s courses in land use planning (including policy analysis) offer a process of guiding future development patterns and the mechanisms and limits of governments’ control over this process.  Our courses immerse students in broad debates and critical thinking about the environment, government finance, human settlements, social and environmental justice, corporate responsibility, and land use, each guided by constitutional, equitable and pragmatic principles.

Our courses in land use, community development, land preservation and land use planning train professionals to become well versed in planning and legal aspects of government and the rural, urban, and regional issues encountered in public, private, and non-profit sectors.

Practice areas of our graduates include but are not limited to real estate development, land use, planning for Native American lands, marijuana cultivation and sale, housing development and policy, environmental planning and regulation, administrative and local government law, and regional economic development.

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UEP 0173-01 Transportation Planning
Instructor: Jiang

UEP 0207-01/ENV 0109-01 Environmental Law
Instructor: Phillips

UEP 0194-03 Real Estate Development and Planning
Instructor: Hollander

UEP 0194-04 Native American Law and Policy
Instructor: Witten

UEP/ENV 0200 Land Use Planning: Non-Regulatory
Instructor: Witten

UEP/ENV 0201 Land Use Planning: Regulatory
Instructor: Witten

UEP 0206 Planning for Low Impact Development
Instructor: Horsley

UEP 223 Fundamentals of US Agriculture
Instructor: Blackstone

UEP 224 Public Health and the Built Environment
Instructor: Davis

UEP 271 Community Economic Development
Instructor: Barringer

UEP 0279 Water Resources Policy & Planning & Watershed Management
Instructor: Horsley

UEP 285 Food Justices
Instructor: Agyeman

UEP 293 Marijuana Policy, Planning and the Law
Instructor: Witten

UEP 293-06 Urban Analytics and Visualization
Instructor: Jiang

UEP 294-05 Planning for Pedestrians and Cyclists
Instructor: Chase

UEP 294-07 Local Government Finance
Instructor: Witten

UEP 294-24 Housing, Neighborhoods and Schools
Instructor: Shamsuddin