Funding Opportunities

Alvin Levin Fellowship 

The Alvin Levin Fellowship provides financial assistance to prospective students whose enrollment in the program would enhance the diversity of our intellectual community, based on racial, ethnic, socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds that are currently underrepresented in graduate education. The fellowship’s objectives reflect Alvin Levin’s long‐term commitment to community organizing and grassroots politics combined with his strong interest in a sustainable environment on a global level.

Research opportunities and Teaching Assistantships

The department awards a limited number of teaching assistantships each year for which all students may apply. Most often teaching assistantships are assigned to second-year students who have demonstrated proficiency in a particular subject matter. Teaching assistants are expected to work a set number of hours per week and are paid a stipend for the semester. The primary role of the teaching assistant is to organize instructional resources, and to be available for individual and group tutoring or review sessions during the semester. Research assistant opportunities are regularly available and advertised during the academic year, providing students an opportunity to work with department faculty and administration on a paid hourly basis.

Funding for student research, travel, and other academic experiences

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences offers many funding sources to support learning for UEP students, including TIE Fellows, as well travelresearch, and publication resources. Tisch College also regularly provides microgrants to support student projects, and we encourage you to follow their newsletter for updates and announcements. The Provost’s Office provides funding for air travel through the Graduate Travel Support Program. In addition to funding opportunities, the Graduate School also offers many free professional development workshops throughout the academic year.

At the department level, UEP provides funding to support individual and group learning activities for UEP students, as well as research and educational needs with support from the Hermann and Kate Field Education Fund and the Miriam Charef Simonds Fund. For example, students may seek funding for conference travel, to support unfunded internships, and to cover costs associated with conducting thesis or class research projects, among other possible requests. As UEP funds are limited, we ask that students exhaust all of the funding channels available to them through the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences before applying for supplemental funds from the department. To apply for UEP resources, please submit a description of your project and budget to the department chair. Your proposal should include a 250-500 word description of your request, and must include a list of the additional sources of funding for which you have already applied. Although there is no application deadline, we encourage students to submit requests early in the planning process, as funds are limited and retroactive requests are not permitted.