Master of Arts (M.A.) in Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning

Field Projects Overview

Field Projects provides students an opportunity to work on real-world challenges. Since 1977, UEP students have completed over 300 field projects with community groups, nonprofits, and local government agencies. These projects have focused on a variety of critical issues, such as housing, community development, water, parks and open space, energy, food, workforce development, and child development. A number of projects have influenced city and state policy, led to further project funding, and won prestigious awards.

Examples of recent projects
2018: Soil in the City

2017: On the Hook: Supporting a Healthy Fishing Future in Massachusetts
Awarded the 2017 Outstanding Planning Award for Best Student Project from the American Planning Association, Massachusetts Chapter

2016: Greening Somerville

2015: Making College Square: Leveraging Public Transportation for a Safer and Greener Campus (Awarded the 2015 National Student Project Award for Application of the Planning Process by the American Institute for Certified Planners)

2014: Citizens' Housing and Planning Association (CHAPA), Exercising Choice with Housing Choice Vouchers

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