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New Minor Announced: Digital Humanities

Rethinking Ancient Rome and Its Colonies in Africa: Chair of the Classical Studies Department Bruce Hitchner confronts the colonial legacy of archaeology in North Africa, and presents a new understanding of antiquity.

Reconstructing the Large Scale Olive Oil/Agricultural Economy of North Africa in the Roman Empire: Professor R. Bruce Hitchner's project using remote sensing, AI, and GIS secured a Springboard grant of $34,788.08 from the Office of the Provost. 

New Major Announced: Ancient World Studies

Course Offerings: Summer 2024 Course listings and Booklet along with our Fall 2024 Course listings are now available.

Professor R. Bruce Hitchner is the editor of the Wiley Blackwell Companion to North Africa in Antiquity (2022).

Watch student Matthew Hayden describe his Digital Humanities research experience at Tufts with the Perseids team.

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Flowers, Fragility, and the Cycle of Life

Ancient Greek myths use the stories of spring flowers, summer and fall fruit, and winter’s decline to give comfort in understanding our lives, says Associate Professor of Classical Studies Marie-Claire Beaulieu
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New Major Announced: Ancient World Studies

Classical Studies is pleased to announce a number of important changes in our curriculum that reflect new directions in Classics and its important place in Liberal Arts Education at Tufts in the 21st century.