Faculty Scholarship and Research

R. Bruce Hitchner

"My teaching and research focuses on the history and archaeology of the Roman Republic and Empire. I have directed archaeological projects in Tunisia, Provence and in the French Alps that have aimed at understanding the impact of the Roman Empire on the economy, culture, and societies of these regions. I am a specialist on Roman Africa, and to a lesser degree, Roman Gaul.

I am currently completing a book for Princeton University Press on the role of parochial altruism in the forging of the Roman state and empire. I have just completed a chapter on Roman roads and waterways for the forthcoming Blackwell Companion to the Archaeology of the Roman Empire. I am also editing a new Blackwell Companion on Ancient North Africa.

In addition to my work on the Ancient World, I am engaged in public policy work and the occasional publication of op-eds and papers on Bosnia and the Western Balkans. I founded the Dayton Peace Accords Project, an NGO directed toward the implementation of peace and stability in Bosnia, and I was a member of the negotiating team that assisted in Bosnian political leaders in drafting a series of constitutional reforms known as the "April Package" in 2005-6."

Published journals include: AntiquityJournal of Roman ArchaeologyJournal of Roman StudiesLibyan StudiesThe American Journal of Archaeology.

Marie-Claire Beaulieu

In March 2012 Marie-Claire Beaulieu was awarded a Tufts Innovates! research grant from the Office of the Provost at Tufts to develop web-based editing interface for Greek funerary inscriptions. The Tufts Innovates! grant was preceded by a Summer Scholar Award (with Jeffrey Luz-Alterman, class of 2013), used to travel to Italy to study funerary inscriptions; award from the Provost's Open-Access Digitization Fund 2011, used to develop web-based editing interface for Greek funerary inscriptions; and a FRAC Summer Faculty Fellowship, used to travel to Greece and Rome to study funerary inscriptions, all in 2011.

Professor Beaulieu was also awarded an NEH, Digital Humanities Start-Up Grant to support her project, Digital Humanities in the Classroom: Bridging the Gap between Teaching and Research.

Professor Beaulieu is in the planning stages of a 2015 meeting of the CIERGA (Centre International d'Étude de la Religion Grecque Ancienne), to be held at Tufts University in the Fall 2015, in collaboration with the Tufts Department of Religion and the Centre d'Études Classiques (Université de Montréal). Papers are to be published in the peer-reviewed periodical Kernos.

Professor Marie-Claire Beaulieu was featured on an Academic Minute recording, which aired on Inside Higher Ed and WAMC Public Radio. Professor Beaulieu focused on digitizing ancient texts.

Gregory Crane

Gregory Crane has received several grants and awards. Some of the more recent are from: Google Digital Humanities Award (2010 & 2011), the NEH for his part in the DFG/NEH Hellespont Project (2010), the Mellon Foundation for a Greco-Roman project with Harvard University, as well another Mellon Foundation grant to work on Project Bamboo (2010), the NSF to host workshops in Germany and China (2010); from the Institute for Museum and Library Services and from Tufts Collaborates in 2011.

Professor Crane is the Editor of The Perseus Project, currently working on a major revision and expansion of the Greco-Roman sources within Perseus (The Perseus Greek and Latin XML Corpus). This project has included development of new techniques for acquiring and structuring textual sources at scale and has built upon support from Mellon, Google, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Cantus Foundation and other sources. As of March 2011, the corpus contains 7.5 m words of Greek and 6.5 million words of Latin.

Professor Crane is also the Editor, with Anke Lüdeling, of a special issue for the ACM Journal of Computation and Cultural Heritage, entitled Corpus and Computational Linguistics, Philology and the Linguistic Heritage of Humanity.

Professor Crane recently contributed this recording to Academic Minute where he talks about Greek manuscripts and Arabic translations.

Professor Crane has been awarded an Alexander von Humboldt Professorship for 2013. Please visit these pages for the award announcement and video released by Humboldt.

This video lecture on 'Classics in a Digital World' makes mention of Tufts Classical Studies faculty and the Perseus Project.

Steve Hirsch

Professor Hirsch recently contributed an essay and recording to WAMC, Northeast Public Radio, and Inside Higher Ed's Academic Minute. You can listen to the recording and read a transcript about Collectivism and Individualism here:
WAMC Northeast Public Radio
Inside Higher Ed

Anne Mahoney

Anne Mahoney works on Greek, Latin, and Indo-European meter, and on Neo-Latin literature. She has written several articles on Giovanni Pascoli, Erasmus, and Petrarch, as well as Sophocles and Aristophanes. Her textbooks include First Greek Course (Focus, 2011), a commentary on Plautus's Amphitryo (Focus, 2004), readers, and student grammars. She is also a prolific book reviewer.