BA in Classical Studies (for previously declared majors only)

NOTE: This degree is offered for students who declared this major before September 2023.

This broad, interdisciplinary liberal arts program introduces students to the history, literature, and material culture of the Greeks, Romans, and other related civilizations.  Courses given in English can be supplemented with Latin, Greek, and Sanskrit language courses.  Students planning graduate work in classics will need proficiency in Latin and Greek, but most students in this track choose other careers, such as health professions, law, or business.

Program Requirements and Policies

  • Ten courses are required to complete the Classical Studies major. 
  • No major course may be taken pass/fail. 
  • Only in exceptional cases will the department recommend for Summa honors a Classical Studies Major who has not taken a course in either language.

Course Requirements

  • Two of the following courses: 
    • CLS 31: Invitation to Ancient Greek or GRK 131: Survey of Greek Literature
    • CLS 32: Roman Literature: Texts and Contexts or LAT 132: Survey of Latin Literature
  • Two courses in Greek & Roman History (CLS 37: History of Ancient Greece and CLS 38: History of Ancient Rome), or two in Greek & Roman Archaeology (CLS 27: Classical Archaeology, CLS 164: Greek Art and Archaeology, or CLS 168: Roman Art and Archaeology)
  • Two Classics (CLS, LAT, or GRK) courses numbered above 100 in addition to any taken in fulfillment of requirements above.
  • Four other courses:
    • Two must be in Classical Studies (CLS), Latin (LAT) 3 or above, or any level of Greek (GRK) language.
    • Two may be in be in Sanskrit (SKT) or related fields. See related fields option. Latin and Greek Language courses are strongly recommended.