Minor in Digital Humanities

This minor is available starting Fall 2024 

The Digital Humanities explore the applications of emerging digital methods to the study of human culture. At Tufts we focus particularly on how methods such as Natural Language Processing, Geographic Information Systems, and various forms of Machine Learning can enhance the role that the human record plays in intellectual life, both within academia and beyond. Core courses include an Introduction to Digital Humanities (which introduces students both to the field of Digital Humanities and to core programming skills that they will need), an Introduction to the Geospatial Humanities (which Introduces Geographic Information Systems (GIS) theory, methods, and technology for applications in the humanities in past and present settings), Quantitative Textual Analysis (which overlaps with linguistics, natural language processing and philology and introduces methods to quantify properties of texts in multiple languages, genres and periods), and Natural Language Processing and the Human Record (a project based course which allows students to build on one or more courses).

For questions about the Digital Humanities minor, please contact Gregory Crane.

Program Requirements and Policies

  • The minor in Digital Humanities requires six courses, of which no more than two may also be used toward the student's major.
  • The selection of courses must be approved by the student's Digital Humanities advisor. Students may petition their advisor to include other courses in category 3 below.

Course Requirements

The minor in Linguistics requires six courses, including:

  • DH 101/CLS 161: Introduction to Digital Humanities
  • Two of the following courses:
    • DH 110/CLS 125: Introduction to Geospatial Humanities
    • DH 120/CLS 181: Quantitative Textual Analysis
    • DH 130/CLS 162: Natural Language Processing and the Human Record
  • Three courses, selected in collaboration with the student’s advisor from a wide array of courses that complement the three DH classes in DH.

Advising Faculty

Working Committee