Graduate Programs

In our graduate programs in Classical Studies, you'll gain depth and breadth in your knowledge of languages, history, and archaeology, as well as research experience as your prepare for a PhD or a teaching career.

We offer both an MA in Classics and an MA in Classics with Teaching Licensure, which integrates Education coursework and teaching experience in addition to the Classics requirements. Students typically complete the MA in Classics in one to two years and the MA in Classics with Teaching Licensure in two to three years. We also offer a Combined BA/MA Degree in Classics and an MA in Digital Tools for Premodern Studies.

Some PhD Programs that graduates of our MA programs have been admitted to include Stanford University; University of Michigan; University of Pennsylvania; Duke University; University of North Carolina; University of Oxford; New York University; University of Chicago; University of Leicester; University of Saint Andrews, UK; Ohio State University; State University of New York at Buffalo; Boston University; University of Massachusetts, Amherst; University of Cincinnati; and University of California, Berkeley.


Fifth-Year Master’s Degree Program: BA/MA in Classics

Offers the opportunity for current Tufts undergraduates to obtain a Master's degree in combination with their BA in a total of 5 years.

MA in Classics

A program designed to give students depth and breadth as well as research experience in preparation for a PhD or for a teaching career. In addition to the regular program, offerings also include a one-year MA in Classics for students with advanced experience and an MA with an Integrated Post-Baccalaureate component.

MA in Classics with Teaching Licensure

A graduate degree in Classical Studies integrating education coursework and teaching experience to prepare teachers at the high school level. The program follows Massachusetts requirements for initial teaching licensure.

MA in Digital Tools for Premodern Studies

A program designed for students with undergraduate degrees in Classics or related disciplines wishing to apply computational methods in their research and teaching.


Please visit our admissions website for comprehensive information on our admissions processes and requirements, deadlines, financial and merit aid options, forms and instructions.

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