Research Opportunities

The Concordia Foundation Fellowship

The Concordia Foundation Fellowship was created to assist graduate students of the Classical Studies Department who wish to further their education by participating in summer programs such as The American School of Classical Studies in Athens or the American Academy in Rome; by participating in excavations; or by traveling to professional conferences. Summer programs may offer curriculum unavailable at Tufts, while excavations allow students to gain valuable field experience. Professional conferences provide excellent learning and networking opportunities, and are especially beneficial if the student is presenting a paper. As these programs can be expensive, the Concordia Foundation provides financial assistance to graduate students. To request funding, please complete the Concordia Foundation Application.

The Marianne J. H. Witherby Fellowship

Marianne J. H. Witherby Fellowship is intended to support undergraduates majoring in Archaeology. Specifically, it provides financial assistance for undergraduate majors participating on summer excavations. Marianne Witherby was a graduate of the Archaeology Program at Tufts and a long-time benefactor of the program. To request funding, please complete the Witherby Fund Application.

Scholarship Opportunities

The American Philological Association (APA)
Fellowships for travel and for pre-collegiate teachers preparing for certification to teach Latin

The American Classical League (ACL)
Scholarships and awards for Latin teachers at the secondary school level

Philanthropic Educational Organization (PEO)
Fellowships for women

CYA fellowships
Fellowship opportunity for undergraduates to participate in College Year in Athens' program

Research/Training Opportunities for Students

The American School for of Classical Studies at Athens (ASCSA)
American Academy in Rome

Calls for Papers

The American Philological Association (APA)
Classical Association of Canada (CAC)

Field School Opportunities