BA in Archaeology

Our understanding of the majority of the human past, for which the written record is nonexistent or minimal, is based on a material record. Archaeology examines this record of human activity to recover and interpret information about past societies and cultures.

Tufts offers a general interdisciplinary undergraduate major in archaeology, incorporating courses from the arts, humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences. Ideally, a student in archaeology will combine course work with first-hand experience in recovery, conservation, and interpretation of material remains.

The archaeology program has had affiliations over the years with several summer field schools and other institutes, including the Murlo excavation in Italy, the Talloires/Mt. Musièges excavation in France, the Old Sturbridge Village Field School, and with the Center for Materials Research in Archaeology and Ethnology (CMRAE), an alliance of Boston-area programs which offers specialized course work in the scientific dimensions of archaeological study based at M.I.T., an alliance of Boston-area programs which offers specialized course work in the scientific dimensions of archaeological study. Students are also encouraged to take appropriate coursework at the universities affiliated in the Boston Consortium (Boston College, Boston University, Brandeis University).

Program Requirements and Policies

  • 11 courses are required for the Archaeology major. 
  • No major course may be taken pass/fail. 
  • Seniors are encouraged to write an interdisciplinary capstone (research paper).

Course Requirements

  • Four required courses
    • Anthropology 39: Gateway Course In Sociocultural Anthropology (may substitute ANTH 20: Global Cities or ANTH 27: Human Rights and Justice in Cultural Context)
    • Archaeology 27: Classical Archaeology (co-listed as FAH 19 and CLS 27)
    • Archaeology 30: Prehistoric Archaeology (co-listed as ANTH 50)
    • Earth & Ocean Sciences 2: Environmental Geology W/lab
  • Seven elective courses from History, Natural Science, and Art with the following distribution: 
    • Two (2) History courses taken from:
      CLS 26: Ancient Egypt
      CLS 37: History of Ancient Greece
      CLS 38: History of Ancient Rome
      CLS 47: Greece, Rome And China
      CLS 85: Special Topics in Ancient History
      CLS 142: The Rise of the Greeks
      CLS 143: Greeks And Barbarians
      CLS 144: Athens: Marathons to Socrates
      CLS 146: Ancient Greek and Roman Medicine
      CLS 147: Greece, Rome And China
      CLS 185: Seminar in Ancient History
      HIST 6: World Trade, 1000-2000
      HIST 13: Reconstructing Africa's Past to 1850
      HIST 17: The Americas
      HIST 23: Colonial North America & The Atlantic World To 1763
      HIST 40: History of Pre-Modern China
      HIST 50: History of Ancient Greece
      HIST 51: History of Ancient Rome
      HIST 72: World of Islam
      HIST 76: Ancient Egypt
      HIST 105: Greece, Rome, And China
      HIST 148: The Rise Of The Greeks
      HIST 149: Greeks And Barbarians
      HIST 151: Athens: Marathon To Socrates
    • Two (2) Natural Science courses taken from:
      ANTH 40 (formerly 20): Biological Anthropology
      ANTH 49: Gateway Course In Biological Anthropology
      ANTH 132: Myth, Ritual, And Symbol
      ANTH 150: Human Evolution
      ANTH 182: Human Physique
      BIO 7: Environmental Biology
      BIO 10: Plants and Humanity
      BIO 143: Evolutionary Biology w/Lab
      BIO 144: Principles Of Conservation Biology 
      CHEM 2: Chemical Principles W/ Lab
      CHEM 8: Environmental Chemistry
      EOS 32: Geomorphology
    • Three (3) Archaeology courses taken from:
      ARCH 26: Ancient Egypt
      ARCH 49: Archaeology Of Complex Societies
      ARCH 51: Special Topics In Archaeology
      ARCH 52: Special Topics In Archaeology
      ARCH 128: Mesoamerican Archaeology
      ARCH 160: Giza Pyramids: Archaeology, History, And Technology
      ARCH 163: Aegean Archaeology
      ARCH 164: Greek Art and Archaeology
      ARCH 167: Tyrrhenian Archaeology
      ARCH 168: Roman Art And Archaeology
      ARCH 187: Problems In Classical Archaeology
      ARCH 188: Problems In Classical Archaeology
      ARCH 190: Materials In Archaeology And Anthropology
      ARCH 191: Advanced Study Or Seminar In Archaeology
      ARCH 192: Advanced Study Or Seminar In Archaeology
      CLS 26: Ancient Egypt
      CLS 87: Special Topics In Old World Archaeology
      CLS 160: Computational Methods for the Humanities
      CLS 163: Aegean Archaeology
      CLS 164: Greek Art And Archaeology
      CLS 167: Tyrrhenian Archaeology
      CLS 168: Roman Art And Archaeology
      CLS 187: Problems In Classical Archaeology 
      FAH 103: Aegean Archaeology
      FAH 104: Greek Art And Archaeology
      FAH 105: Tyrrhenian Archaeology
      FAH 106: Roman Art And Archaeology