BA in Greek

The Greek major focuses on the Greek-speaking cultures of antiquity and the middle ages.  Students read in Greek while also taking background courses given in English.

Program Requirements and Policies

  • 10 courses are required to complete the major.
  • No major course may be taken Pass/Fail. 

Course Requirements

  • CLS 31: Invitation to Ancient Greek or GRK 131: Survey of Greek Literature
  • CLS 37: History of Ancient Greece
  • Four courses in Greek, one of which may be Greek 3, at least three at the 100-level; not including GRK 131 if taken in place of CLS 31, but if a student take both CLS 31 and GRK 131, then GRK 131 can be counted here.
  • Four other courses in the department (CLS, LAT, GRK, SKT) of which at least two must be at the 100-level.