BA in Latin

The Latin major focuses on the Romans and on the continuing tradition of the Latin language in the medieval and modern world.  Students read in Latin while also taking background courses given in English.

Program Requirements and Policies

  • Ten courses are required to complete the major.
  • No major course may be taken pass/fail.

Course Requirements

  • CLS 32: Roman Literature: Texts and Contexts or LAT 132: Survey of Latin Literature
  • CLS 38: History of Ancient Rome
  • Five courses in Latin above LAT 3, including at least three at the 100-level; not including LAT 132 if taken in place of CLS 32, but if a student takes both CLS 32 and LAT 132, then LAT 132 can be counted here.
  • Three other courses in the department (CLS, LAT, GRK, SKT), of which two must be at the 100-level