Private Lessons

The Music department provides students the opportunity for private study of instrumental and/or vocal performance in a broad range of styles including Classical, Jazz, Rock, Klezmer, and the folk and classical traditions of Eastern Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, Mediterranean, India, Japan, and Indonesia.

Private lessons are open to all Tufts students, regardless of major or program of study, and can be taken either for credit or for no credit. All students must consult Edith Auner, Coordinator of Private Lessons, in order to enroll. Private lessons are not included in the cost of tuition and require an additional fee per semester (ten lessons per term).

Scholarship funding is available to students enrolled in private lessons who apply by the tenth day of each term; a new application is required for each term. Those eligible to apply are: 1) music majors and minors; 2) those on financial aid; 3) those in Music department ensembles. Contact Edith Auner for more information and for an application form.

Private Lessons Instructors