Full-time Faculty

Joseph Auner, Austin Fletcher Professor of Music, Dean of Academic Affairs
music history, musicology, music and technology, sound studies

David Locke, Professor of Music, Chair of the Department
ethnomusicology, music culture, performance

John McDonald, Professor of Music
composition, music theory, performance, orchestration

Kareem Roustom, Professor of the Practice of Music 
composition, film and multimedia scoring, orchestration, musicianship

Rabbi Jeffrey Summit, Research Professor of Music
ethnomusicology, music in the Jewish tradition, social justice and advocacy

Alessandra Campana, Associate Professor of Music
music history, aesthetics, opera studies, audiovisual media

Richard Jankowsky, Associate Professor of Music (on leave 2017–2018)
ethnomusicology, music culture, music and ritual

Stephan Pennington, Associate Professor of Music, Director of Graduate Studies
African-American music; popular music studies; gender, sexuality, and cultural theory

Melinda Latour, Rumsey Family Assistant Professor of Music
early music, music and ethics, gender, popular music

Frank Lehman, Assistant Professor of Music, Director of Undergraduate Studies
music theory, music and film

Paul Lehrman, Senior Lecturer of Music, Director of Music Engineering
electronic music, music technology

Joel LaRue Smith, Senior Lecturer of Music, Director of Jazz Activities
jazz composition, theory, and performance

Jamie Kirsch, Lecturer of Music, Director of Choral Activities
choral performance, conducting, music theory

John Page, Lecturer of Music, Director of Orchestral Activities
orchestral performance, music theory

Michael Ullman, Lecturer of Music
history of blues and jazz

Part-time Faculty

Paul Ahlstrand, Lecturer of Music, Small Jazz Ensemble
jazz saxophone, ensemble performance

Nina Barwell, Lecturer of Music, Flute Ensemble
flute, ensemble performance

Donald Berman, Lecturer of Music, New Music Ensemble
piano, contemporary repertoire and performance 

David Coleman, Lecturer of Music, Gospel Choir
vocal and piano performance, composition

Douglas McRay Daniels, Lecturer of Music, Pep Band
wind ensemble and concert band performance

Barry Drummond, Lecturer of Music, Javanese Gamelan
traditional Javanese performance

Jane Hershey, Lecturer of Music, Early Music Ensemble
viola da gamba, ensemble performance

Stéphanie Khoury, Lecturer of Music, Ethnomusicology
ethnomusicology, music culture

Carol Mastrodomenico, Lecturer of Music, Opera Ensemble
vocal performance and pedagogy

John McCann, Lecturer of Music, Wind Ensemble
music theory, musicianship, performance

Michael McLaughlin, Lecturer of Music, Klezmer Ensemble
music theory, musicianship, performance, klezmer, jazz, americana

Fernando Michelin, Lecturer of Music, Small Jazz Ensemble
piano, jazz performance

Emmanuel Attah Poku, Lecturer of Music, African Music and Dance Ensemble
traditional Ashanti drumming and dance

Layth Sidiq, Lecturer of Music, Arab Music Ensemble
violin performance, traditional Iraqi music, jazz

Thomas Stumpf, Staff Pianist, Opera Ensemble and Choral Activities
piano performance, opera and vocal coaching, composition

Emeritus Faculty

Daniel Abbott, Associate Professor of Music, emeritus
T.J. Anderson, Professor of Music, emeritus
Jane A. Bernstein, Austin Fletcher Professor of Music, emerita
Mark DeVoto, Professor of Music, emeritus
Janet Schmalfeldt, Professor of Music, emerita