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Undergraduate Studies.

Minor Programs

Minor in Music

Students who intend to make music studies a significant part of their course work at Tufts may choose the disciplinary minor in music. To fulfill the music minor requirements, students may take a broad range of courses or may choose a cluster of courses in a focused area of musical study. The undergraduate minor in music requires a minimum of six courses in music. At least two courses must be at or above the 100 level. Two semesters in instrumental and/or vocal study are required, as well as two semesters in a performing ensemble course. After consultation with a member of the full-time music faculty for advice on a suggested program of study, students should complete the minor declaration form.

Minor in Music Engineering

This interdisciplinary minor is offered through the School of Engineering, but is open to all undergraduates. It is a joint effort of the Music, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, and Electrical Engineering departments. For specific information about fulfilling the minor requirements, visit the Music Engineering website.

Minor in Multimedia Arts

This interdisciplinary minor is offered through the Communications and Media Studies program. For speciļ¬c information about the policies governing requirements and electives, visit the Multimedia Arts website.