MA - Applied Track

Program Requirements and Policies

  • For the Master of Arts degree in Child Study and Human Development, a minimum of 32 credits are required. 
  • All students will present at Student Presentation Day in either poster or presentation format.

Course Requirements

For Students Who Matriculated in 2021 and Beyond

The following are general MA program requirements for students following an Individual Program of Study (IPS) and therefore not pursuing a specific concentration:

  • Master's Pro Seminar (2 credits; mandatory; during 1st year, every other week)
    • CSHD 202: Master's Pro Seminar (Course covers program requirements, professional development, and supplements course work)
  • Foundational courses (2 courses/6 credits)
    • CSHD 211: Theories of Human Development
    • One of the following: (or approved alternate)
      • CSHD 151: Advanced Intellectual Development
      • CSHD 155: Language Development
      • CSHD 161: Advanced Personal & Social Development
      • CSHD 163: Infancy: Prenatal to Age Three
      • CSHD 168: Adolescent Development and the Transition to Adulthood
      • CSHD 261: Seminar in Personal-social Development
  • Research Methods course (1 course/3 credits)
    • One of the following:
      • CSHD 142: Research Design and Methods
      • CSHD 144: Qualitative and Ethnographic Methods
      • CSHD 247: Program Evaluation
  • Electives courses (5 courses/15 credits; at least 9 credits must be from CSHD listings)
    Students should choose elective courses in careful consultation with advisor, to prepare for internship or thesis. These courses are intended to develop an area of expertise or to complete a concentration.
  • CSHD 203: Graduate Internship and Seminar All students on the applied track must enroll in the CSHD 203: Graduate Internship and Seminar for the entire second year (total of 6 credits), by enrolling for 3 credits in the Fall semester and 3 credits in the Spring semester. This year-long course is inclusive of the required 225 graduate internship hours and seminar. CSHD 203 meets bi-weekly throughout the Fall and Spring semesters and requires a set of written assignments, a capstone presentation, and culminates in a capstone paper.