Transfer of Credit

You may use courses taken at other institutions, semesters abroad, and pre-matriculation credits to complete coursework and requirements. To ensure that you receive credit for these courses on your Tufts transcript, please review the university guidelines for transfer of credit.

If you wish to count a course taken at another institution towards your CSHD major courses, you must make a petition to the Department Undergraduate Programs Committee. In order to count towards the CSHD major requirements, the course must (1) have children or adolescents as its primary focus OR (2) have substantial overlap with a course already offered by the CSHD Department (e.g., a course in socio-emotional development offered at another university.)

To petition for a transfer of credit, please send an email to (Dr. George Scarlett) with the following information:

  • Copy of the course syllabus (as an attachment)
  • Brief explanation of how the course meets the two criteria listed above

You will receive a response to your petition after 10 business days.