Undergraduate Programs

The undergraduate program in Child Study and Human Development provides students with a strong foundation for understanding children and youth, for working with diverse groups of children, adolescents, and their families, and for carrying out research on applied issues. Housed in a multidisciplinary department, the program can lead to a variety of careers, including careers in medicine and health, children's media, education, public policy, law, and applied research.

The department offers both a major and minor in our undergraduate program and provides opportunities for students to gain valuable applied experience in a variety of courses and settings, including hospitals, schools, clinics, educational television studios, museums, and juvenile courts. In addition, there are opportunities to do applied research projects and participate in ongoing research in one of the department's labs.


BA in Child Study and Human Development

Child Study and Human Development majors have the opportunity to select a concentration of study in their area of interest or work with their advisor to develop an individualized plan of study. 

Minor in Child Study and Human Development

The Department of Child Study and Human Development offers a minor in child study and human development.

Fifth-Year Master’s Degree Program: BA/MA in Child Study and Human Development

Exceptional Tufts undergraduate Child Study and Human Development majors have the option of earning a combined Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degree together in five years.


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