Fifth-Year Master’s Degree Program: BA/MA in Child Study and Human Development

The Department of Child Study and Human Development offers exceptional Tufts undergraduate CSHD majors the option of a Fifth-Year Master’s Degree Program: BA/MA in Child Study and Human Development. This program allows students to finish the 10-course undergraduate degree requirements and the 10-course master's degree typically in five calendar years.

Graduates of the Fifth-Year Master's Program receive both a bachelor's degree and a master’s degree from Tufts, and each degrees is awarded upon completion of requirements for each portion. In other words, you would graduate with an undergraduate degree with your undergraduate class and graduate with a master's with your master’s cohort once your graduate requirements are met.

Eligibility and Admissions Process

Admission to the Fifth-Year Master’s Degree Program: BA/MA in Child Study and Human Development is open to current Tufts undergraduates who:

  • Major in CSHD (or double major in CSHD)
  • Have a minimum within-major GPA of 3.4
  • Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.2

Applicants to the program will have the application fee waived and only need to submit two letters of recommendation – at least one from an Eliot-Pearson faculty member.

Students may apply for admission to the Fifth-Year Master's Degree Program in the Fall or Spring semester of their Junior year or in the Fall of their Senior year. For application deadlines, please see the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences' Fifth-Year Master's Degree information. Students will be admitted to the program contingent on their maintenance of the GPA requirements outlined above and on the successful (B+ or above) completion of TWO graduate-level courses taken during their senior year in addition to the 10 courses required for the undergraduate major.

In their application to the Fifth-Year Master's Program, in consultation with their program advisor, students applying in their Junior year will designate the TWO graduate-level courses that will be counted toward their master’s degree. These courses will be taken during the Senior year of the student’s undergraduate program.  Students who apply and are admitted to the Fifth-Year Master’s Program as Juniors are eligible to do an undergraduate senior honors thesis in their senior year.

Seniors who apply for admission to the program must meet the eligibility requirements listed above and must take their two additional courses during their Senior year in anticipation of possible admission to the program.

Tuition and Aid

Fifth-Year Master's students may seek financial aid assistance for their graduate degree. The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences provides a graduate tuition scholarship proportional to the undergraduate tuition award at the time of application.

If admitted to the program, you will reduce the cost of your master's by applying credits already earned as an undergraduate. Students accepted into a Fifth-year Master's Program will be charged graduate tuition per-credit once they receive their bachelor’s degree and only for the courses that are left to complete.