Advising for Undergraduates

Your major CSHD advisor is responsible for guiding you through the process of fulfilling course requirements and perhaps completing a senior thesis.  In some cases, your major advisor may help you find internships and research opportunities that are relevant to your intellectual and professional interests. If you plan on continuing your education in graduate or professional school, your major advisor can be of great help in that effort, too.

Choosing a CSHD Major Advisor

Ideally, your major advisor is someone with whom you feel comfortable and with whom you share academic or professional interests.  However, please know that ANY CSHD faculty may serve as your major advisor, as there are multiple ways to get advice from Eliot-Pearson faculty, even if they are not formally your major advisor.

There are two options to select an advisor:

  • Option A: Contact a full-time CSHD faculty member directly to ask whether they are accepting new advisees. Faculty profiles are available, for students to identify faculty whose areas of emphasis are of interest to them.
  • Option B: Contact CSHD Staff Assistant Janet Wysocki ( who will put you in touch with an available major advisor.