Advising for Undergraduates

Your major CSHD advisor is responsible for guiding you through the process of fulfilling course requirements.  Sometimes an academic advisor will also be the supervisor of a senior thesis or independent study In some cases, your major advisor may help you find internships and research opportunities that are relevant to your intellectual and professional interests. If you plan on continuing your education in graduate or professional school, your major advisor can be of great help in that effort, too.

Choosing a CSHD Major Advisor

You will be assigned a Child Study and Human Development major advisor by the CSHD Department. Please rest assured that ANY faculty member is able to serve as your CSHD major advisor over your three years in the Department.  We will do our best to match your described areas of interest with a faculty member who teaches or does research in that area.

If you’d like to declare a major in Child Study and Human Development, please follow these FOUR STEPS:


Write an email to Ms. Janet Wysocki, Department administrator for undergraduate affairs (Janet.Wysocki@Tufts.Edu), informing her of your intention to declare a CSHD major. Please do not write to individual faculty about this, as they are assigned advisees by the Department.


Ms. Wysocki will reply with the name and email address of your new CSHD major advisor.


Fill out the university Declaration of Major Form  (you can find a link to the form HERE.)


Email your new major advisor to set up an initial advising meeting.