Applied Experience

Central to the department's mission is helping students integrate coursework and research with direct practice 'in the field'. Direct practice can mean working in educational settings, hospitals, and other environments where children and youth are continuously present and being served. It can also mean working in research, policy, and other places where children and youth may not be present (or present only on occasion), but where the work being done directly affects the lives of children and youth.

Courses that Count Toward the Applied Experience Requirement:

  • CSHD 004: Topics in Child Development: Identity, Community, and Voice
  • CSHD 034: Children, Nature, and the Development of Earth Stewards
  • CSHD 066:  Self & Identity:  Negotiating Place in Communities
  • CSHD 067: Resilience in Development: Children, Youth, and Adversity
  • CSHD 99/199: Community Field Placement (requires Instructor approval)
  • CSHD 100: Child and Family Health Seminar and Fieldwork (requires Instructor approval)
  • CSHD 120: Assessment of Children
  • CSHD 130: Literacy in Action: Fostering Literacy in Emergent Readers
  • CSHD 141: Independent Study (requires Instructor approval)
  • CSHD 143: Special Topics - Autism Across the Lifespan
  • CSHD 143-09: Special Topics - From Both Sides of the Screen: Observational and Ethnographic Methods for Understanding Children
  • CSHD 143-16: Special Topics - Plugging the Preschool-to-Prison Pipeline: Incarceration, Children, & Families
  • CSHD 145: Technological Tools for Playful Learning (Online)
  • CSHD 163: Infancy: Prenatal to Age Three
  • CSHD 178: Creative Dance for Children
  • CSHD 190: Disability and Difference in Children
  • Fieldwork Abroad

Field Placements by Category (Partial List)

  • Applied Research Labs
  • Arts-Related Programs for Children and Youth
  • Community-Based Organizations
  • Early Intervention
  • Education/Special Education
  • Family and Youth Services
  • Healthcare
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Media
  • Museums
  • Nonprofit Organizations (NGOs)
  • Policy & Advocacy
  • Program Evaluation
  • Technology