Minor in Child Study and Human Development

The Department of Child Study and Human Development offers a minor in CHSD for students who have an interest in careers working with diverse children, their families, and communities, but whose primary focus might be in another discipline or major.

Program Requirements and Policies

  • Five courses taken are required for the undergraduate minor in Child Study and Human Development. 

Course Requirements

One course from among the following foundational courses:

  • CSHD 1: Introduction to Child Study and Human Development
  • CSHD 51 or 151: Intellectual Development
  • CSHD 61 or 161: Personal-Social Development
  • CSHD 62: Childhood Across Cultures
  • CSHD 155: The Young Child's Development of Language

The remaining four (4) courses must be CSHD (or CSHD cross-listed) courses. Courses taken outside the CSHD offerings will not be counted toward the CSHD minor.