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Eliot-Pearson Department of Child Study and Human Development

Doctor of Philosophy in Child Study and Human Development

Our faculty have collaboratively built a doctoral experience that provides individually designed programs of study in the context of common milestones and shared training objectives. We subscribe to a primary-mentor-mentee model of doctoral preparation; however, doctoral students are supported by our community of scholars in various ways. Through a rigorous combination of research training, coursework and other mentored experiences, and an applied internship, students develop substantive expertise in an area of scholarship, and develop competencies in ten other areas.

Based on Tufts' Medford/Somerville campus, our connections to diverse settings serving children, youth, and families provide students with opportunities to engage in applied research and have practical experiences in the neighboring communities, including Somerville, Cambridge, Boston, and other locales and states.

The doctoral program in child study and human development prepares students to make important contributions to theory, research, policy, and/or practice and to contribute in diverse settings. Alumni of Eliot-Pearson's doctoral program work in a variety of settings/roles, including:

  • Academia
  • Children's media
  • High-tech for children
  • Toy companies
  • Learning environments
  • Congressional policy fellowships
  • Early childhood education
  • Secondary and higher education administration
  • International early childhood consultation
  • International NGOs (e.g., UNICEF, World Bank)
  • Research firms or organizations

We provide a stipend for a minimum of four years of appropriate progress in the program; students serve as research assistants, teaching assistants or some combination.


Ph.D. CSHD Students Matriculating in 2019 and beyond

Ph.D. CSHD Students Who Matriculated in 2018

Ph.D. CSHD Students Who Matriculated in 2016 and 2017