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Eliot-Pearson Department of Child Study and Human Development

Fernando Salinas-Quiroz

Assistant Professor

Fernando Salinas-Quiroz

Fernando Salinas-Quiroz

Assistant Professor

Phone 617-627-3355
105 College Avenue #105, Medford, MA

As an openly queer, Latinx, cis-man, I approach my research through a lens of reflexivity, with an understanding that my own experiences and position in the world have shaped the focus of my work. It is perhaps unsurprising, then, that as the effeminate child of a single mother, raised by a network of powerful women, with aspirations to have a family, and in daycare throughout childhood, I was driven to study developmental psychology as well as to deepen my studies of sexuality and gender. 

My research focuses on interactions in the context of multiple caregivers and non-normative family configurations. After finishing my bachelor’s degree, I completed a Postgraduate Diploma degree in Parent-Infant Psychotherapy, followed by a master’s in Child and Adolescent Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, and culminating in a PhD in Developmental Psychology. All of my theses discussed ways to improve the lives of children and their families. From 2013-2021 I was on faculty at the National Pedagogic University (Mexico), where I developed my passion for teaching, and recently left with the title of Full Professor.

My teaching is guided by the importance of entering the classroom “whole,” as bell hooks called it, integrating life and experiences outside the classroom, rather than as a “disembodied spirit.” I am open about who I am and value relationships with my students. I view knowledge as a world heritage that should be accessible and exist in the friendliest forms, and I always try to use prose that navigates with fluency between informal and academic tones. This has led me to collaborate with NGO’s, publish newspaper articles, participate in TV and radio shows, and maintain a consistent presence on social media.  

My research has been recognized by Mexico’s National Council of Science and Technology, which awarded me the level of National Researcher. I also frequently collaborate with a broad international network of colleagues from the USA, Belgium, Ecuador, Peru, Portugal, Chile, Colombia, and Uruguay, where in the latter three countries I served as a professor and postgraduate thesis supervisor. My research has been published in top journals in English, Spanish and Portuguese, as well as in four books and various book chapters. 

Ph.D., Psychology. Faculty of Psychology. National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).
M.A., Child and Adolescent Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy. Mexican Psychoanalytic Association’s (CEP-APM) Postgraduate Center.
Postgraduate Diploma in Parent-Infant Psychotherapy. CEP-APM, COWAP and Université de Paris XIII (Bobigny).
Postgraduate Diploma in Parentality. CEP-APM, COWAP and Université de Paris XIII (Bobigny).
B.A., Psychology (Specialization in Clinical Psychology). Universidad Iberoamericana.

I specialize in working with LGBTQ+ individuals and non-traditional families. Through my research, I have been able to offer robust empirical evidence that informs both academic and policy debates about discrimination and sexual stigma; the population’s attitudes towards non-traditional families; and the quality of interactions between gay fathers/lesbian mothers and their children, focusing on the study of attachment relationships. 

Research Interests: 

I am passionate about studying the development of children who are raised outside the context of a traditional family. While research has focused on challenges faced by LGBTQ+ families, my work brings attention to how they remain stable and well-adjusted in face of social prejudice, i.e., a resilience-based perspective with a focus on family strengths. I am interested in ethnographic studies; research that explores the association between the quality of interaction and children’s socioemotional competence; and action research with LGBTQ+ families with immigrant parents, non-traditional families of color, and the development of LGBTQ+ individuals in non-western contexts.  

Selected Professional Activities: 
  • Associate Editor. Trends in Psychology.
  • Consulting Editor. Journal of Research on Adolescence and Revista Iberoamericana de Psicología.
  • Review Editor. Gender, Sex and Sexuality Studies. Frontiers in Psychology and Frontiers in Sociology.
  • Member of the International Affairs Committee, Society for Research in Child Development.
  • Vice-President. Board of Directors. Red Iberoamericana de Apego (Inter-American Attachment Network).
  • Member of the Presidency Team of the World Organization for Early Childhood Education (OMEP).
  • Academic Advisor. Department of Psychology. Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City.
Professional Memberships: 
Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD)
Founding member of the International Academy of LGBT Psychology and Related Fields
International Consortium for Investigation of Parental Burnout, Université Catholique de Louvain (IIPB)
Red Iberoamericana de Apego (RIA)
Laboratorio Iberoamericano para el Estudio Sociohistórico de las Sexualidades (Red LIESS)
Selected Publications and Presentations: 

* Undergraduate students under the direction of Salinas-Quiroz

** Graduate students under the direction of Salinas-Quiroz

+ Work done by Salinas-Quiroz as a graduate student

# Work done by Salinas-Quiroz as an undergraduate student

^ Corresponding author

*Malagón Arias, J. K., & ^​Salinas-Quiroz, F. (2021). Organización de la Calidad del Cuidado en un Familia con un padre Soltero y Gay (Quality of Care Organization in a Single and Gay Parented Mexican Family), Masculinities & Social Change, 10(3), 299–326.

Salinas-Quiroz, F. (2021). Reseña del libro. Handbook of positive youth development. Advancing research, policy and practice in the global contexts. Radosveta Dimitrova & Nora Wiium (Springer, 2021), pp. 754. Psicología Iberoamericana, 29(2).

Causadias, J.M., Morris, K.S., Cárcamo, R.A., Neville, A.H., Nóblega, M., Salinas-Quiroz, F., & Silva, J.R. (2021). Attachment research and anti-racism: learning from Black and Brown Scholars. Attachment & Human Development.

*De Witt, B.P., *Olguín, N.A., & ^Salinas-Quiroz, F. (2021). Representaciones sociales del docente sobre las expresiones de género en estudiantes de primaria. Revista Intercontinental de Psicología y Educación, 22(1)

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Hermosa-Bosano, C., Hidalgo-Andrade, P., **Olaya-Torres, A., Duque-Romero, C., Costa, P.A., & ^Salinas-Quiroz, F. (2021). Predictors of Attitudes toward Lesbian and Gay Parenting in an Ecuadorian Sample. Journal of GLBT Family Studies.

**García-Palermo, J.A., & Salinas-Quiroz, F. (2021). Soy así, así nací y así seré siempre. Testimonio de Coraline, una joven trans* (This Is The Way I Am, I was Born This Way and I Will Be This Way Forever. Coraline [young trans* woman]’s testimony). Ichan Tecolotl, 32, Special Number.

Salinas-Quiroz, F., Martínez Pineda, A., Plata Contreras, S. J., Silva Cabrera, P. E., Cambón Mihalfi, V., & Cortes Rojas, W. (2021). Mother Behavior Q-Set (MBQS): Dimensionalidad del Q-set del comportamiento materno en muestras de México, Colombia y Uruguay (Mother Behavior Q-Set (MBS): Dimensionality of the Mother Behavior Q-Set in Samples from Mexico, Colombia and Uruguay). Revista Iberoamericana de Psicología, 13(3).

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**García-Palermo, J.A., & Salinas-Quiroz, F. (2020). Lecciones de Coraline: ¿cómo visibilizar la discriminación hacia las niñeces trans* en un sistema educativo que las vela? (Coraline’s Lessons: How to Make Discrimination towards Trans* Childhoods Visible in an Educational System that Conceals?) Ichan Tecolotl, 32, 341.

Salinas-Quiroz, F., **Cambón, V., & **Silva, P. (2020). Evaluación de los procesos interactivos en centros de primera infancia uruguayos. Propuesta para evaluar su calidad (Evaluation of Interactive Processes in  Uruguayan Early Childhood Centers. Proposal to Evaluate their Quality). OMEP Theory Into Practice, 3, 20-24.

Rodríguez-Sánchez, F., *Malagon Arias, J.K., & ^Salinas-Quiroz, F. (2020). Significados de madres y padres mexicanos del mismo género en torno a la crianza (Meaning of Mexican Same-Gender Mothers and Fathers Towards Parenting). Revista Iberoamericana de Psicología, 13(1), 33.44.

Laguna, O.E., & Salinas-Quiroz, F. (2020). Variantes de la parentalidad de personas de la diversidad sexual y afectiva: el caso de hombres gais y mujeres lesbianas en la Ciudad de México (Sexual and Affective Diversity Parenthood Variants: the Case of Gay Men and Lesbian Women in Mexico City). Debate Feminista, 60, 127-153.

Salinas-Quiroz, F., Costa, P.A., & Lozano-Verduzco, I. (2020). Parenting Aspiration among Diverse Sexual Orientations and Gender Identities in Mexico, and Its Association with Internalized Homo/Transnegativity and Connectedness to the LGBTQ Community. Journal of Family Issues, 41(6), 759-783.

Monteiro, L., Torres, N. & Salinas-Quiroz, F. (2019). Preditores do envolvimento paterno numa amostra de famílias portuguesas. O papel das crenças parentais (Predictors of Parental Involvement in Portuguese Families. The Role of Parental Beliefs). Suma Psicológica, 26(2), 94-102.

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Costa, P.A., & Salinas-Quiroz, F. (2019). A Comparative Study of Attitudes Toward Same-Gender Parenting and Gay and Lesbian Rights in Portugal and in Mexico. Journal of Homosexuality.

Salinas-Quiroz, F., Rodríguez-Sánchez, F., Costa, P.A., Rosales, M., Silva, P., & Cambón, V. (2018). Can Children Have Ordinary Expectable Caregiving Environments in Unconventional Contexts? Quality of Care Organization in Three Mexican Same-Sex Planned Families. Frontiers in Psychology. 9:2349.

Carneiro, F.A., Tasker, F., Salinas-Quiroz, F., Leal, I. & Costa, P.A. (2017). Are the Fathers Alright? A Systematic and Critical Review of Studies on Gay and Bisexual Fatherhood. Frontiers in Psychology. 8:1636.

Teaching/Courses Taught: 
CSHD 143-23. Contemporary families in the 21st century
CSHD 001. Intro to Child Development
CSHD 281. Consultation & Collaboration Strategies