Kerri Modry-Mandell

Kerri Modry-Mandell

(617) 627-3355
Medford Campus
Research/Areas of Interest:

Pediatric psychology; Developmental Psychopathology; Family Functioning and Adaptation to Pediatric Chronic Illness; Children's Sibling Relationships; Psychological Consultation and Collaboration and Therapeutic Space Design; Grief Support; Pediatric Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Developmental Initiatives


  • PhD, Family Studies and Human Development (Clinical Child Psychology/Child HealthSpecialization), University of Arizona, United States, 2007
  • MA, Child Development (Clinical Developmental Psychology Concentration), Tufts University, United States, 2001
  • BA, Psychology, University of Vermont, United States, 1997


I believe in student-centered teaching and mentoring, and I view teaching as most beneficial to students when they take an active role in their own learning. To help foster student learning, I encourage students to think critically and to apply the knowledge that they learn in the classroom to different facets of their academic, professional, and personal lives. I strive to create a learning environment that is safe, culturally sensitive and respectful. Additionally, to capture a variety of student interests, I include current evidence-based research, policy, and clinical practice into my curriculum and focus on providing students with valuable academic and professional skills to complement their educational experience. To address different learning styles, I provide students with multiple methods of instruction and employ a variety of assessments to evaluate student performance.