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Vesal Dini

Physics Education Research: Scientists are professional learners who employ a range of skills and qualities to learn new things. This view has significant bearing on how students advance in their understanding of scientific concepts. For this reason, my current research focus is to investigate how learners come to engage in the practices of science. To make progress on the question, I have studied how learners' views of knowledge (personal epistemologies) impact their scientific engagement in the contexts of introductory physics, quantum mechanics, and science teacher education. I have also studied the interaction of personal epistemology with emotions that come up in the doing of science (epistemic affect). Most recently, I have looked at how personal epistemology interconnects with social caring and epistemic empathy. These studies help outline some paths to progress in equity and inclusion in STEM fields, and inform my approaches to teaching.
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Julie Dobrow

Children and media; ethnicity/gender and media; adolescents and media use. I am currently working on a three-tiered interdisciplinary research project along with Chip Gidney, Mary Casey, and Cynthia Smith at Eliot-Pearson, as well as faculty in several other departments at Tufts. The first piece of this project is a long-running content analysis of children's animated programming. We are updating prior work we've done that investigates images of race, ethnicity and gender in children's animated programming using both content and sociolinguistic analysis. The second part of this research is an exploration of why stereotyping persists in children's media. We are examining this through intensive interviews with content creators, writers, directors, vocal casting directors, and actors. The third part of the project is empirical research we're conducting with children, to see how children make sense of gender, race, and ethnicity in the animated programs they see. My applied work includes doing many media literacy workshops for parents and for children and for children in a variety of settings, and consulting work with colleagues at WGBH, one of the leading creators of children's educational media. I have written about children and media issues in a variety of academic and popular venues. My other research is historical in nature. I've written one biography of the relatively unknown mother/daughter team who made Emily Dickinson into one of the most-known women anywhere in the world, and am starting work on a couple of other biographical projects.
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Christopher Dock

I work primarily in harmonic analysis, matrix analysis, and frame theory, with applications to signal processing, compressed sensing, machine learning, and the measurement of quantum systems.
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Fahad Dogar

Improving performance and reliability of networked systems, specifically cloud-based systems, mobile and wireless systems, and the Internet. Also, interested in designing technologies for developing regions.
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Luis Dorfmann

Mathematical models of material behavior; Nonlinear magneto- and electromechanical interactions; Biomechanics of soft materials; Rubber elasticity and inelasticity
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Virginia Drachman

Women in the Professions in America; GIrlhood in Post World War II America; Love and War in World War II; Medicine and Society in Amrica
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John Durant

Air pollution monitoring, mobile monitoring, air pollution modeling, ambient air quality, indoor air quality, air pollution control, air pollution exposure, air pollution epidemiology
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M. Ann Easterbrooks

Developmental risk and resilience; child maltreatment; parent-child emotional availability and attachment relationships; maternal depression; adolescent parenting; relational and contextual supports for thriving
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Lee Edelman

Literary Theory (especially Queer Theory, Psychoanalysis, and Post-structuralism) Film Studies
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Sheila Emerson

Contemporary fiction Nineteenth- and twentieth-century British and European writing Art and art markets in the context of social crisis Interrelations between fiction and non-fiction The bearing of science on visual and verbal art
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Jennifer Eyl

Pauline Studies, New Testament, Christian Origins Divinatory Practices and so-called "Magic" Gender & Sexuality in Antiquity Hellenistic Philosophy and Moral Psychology Apocryphal Acts and the Greek Novels Saint and Relic Veneration Constructions of the Afterlife Translation Theory and New Testament Studies Theory of Religion Digital Humanities