Full-Time Faculty

Physics facultyAstronomy/Astrophysics
Danilo Marchesini, Associate Professor, Graduate Director
Anna Sajina, Associate Professor - On Leave

Condensed Matter Physics
Tim Atherton, Associate Professor
Peggy Cebe, Professor
Peter J. Love, Associate Professor - On Leave
Cristian Staii, Associate Professor
Roger G. Tobin, Professor, Introductory Course Coordinator

Lawrence Ford, Professor
Mark Hertzberg, Assistant Professor - On Leave
Ken D. Olum, Research Professor
Alex Vilenkin, Professor, Leonard and Jane Holmes Bernstein Professor in Evolutionary Science

High Energy Physics
Hugo Beauchemin, Associate Professor - On Leave
Hugh Gallagher, Professor, Department Chair
Gary R. Goldstein, Professor
W. Anthony Mann, Professor
Austin Napier, Professor
Krzysztof Sliwa, Professor
Taritree Wongjirad, Assistant Professor

Physics Education Research
David Hammer, Professor of Education

Emeriti (Retired) Faculty

Leon Gunther, Professor Emeritus, Condensed Matter
Tomas Kafka, Research Professor Emeritus, High Energy Physics
Kenneth Lang, Professor Emeritus
William Oliver, Professor Emeritus, High Energy Physics
Jacob Schneps, Professor Emeritus, High Energy Physics
Yaacov Shapira, Professor Emeritus, Condensed Matter

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