Research/Areas of Interest:

- Extra-solar planets "exoplanets"
- Planets in multiple-star systems, including circumbinary planets
- Stellar populations and fundamental parameters
- White dwarfs
- Black holes
- M-dwarfs
- Stellar activity (spots and flares)
- Celestial mechanics, including the Kozai-Lidov effect
- Planet formation
- Observational astrophysics


  • PhD, University of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland, 2017
  • Bachelors of Science Advanced with Honours, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, 2012


G'day! ��I am an Australian astrophysicist, presently an Assistant Professor of Physics & Astronomy at Tufts University. Prior to moving to the Boston area, I was a NASA Sagan Fellow at The Ohio State University.

I am trying to understand how planets and stars form and evolve. A lot of my research has been on planets in multi-star systems. I am an "end to end" astrophysicist: I like to construct observing programs to hunt for planets in diverse stellar systems and then create theoretical models to explain the observations. I also work on celestial mechanics, evolved stellar systems (e.g. white dwarfs and black holes), tidal physics, fundamental stellar properties and stellar flares. �You can check out recent seminars on my work at McGill and Monash.

I have a strong commitment to student mentorship and have been very lucky to supervise nine amazing students (check out their work here). I am also committed to building an inclusive and diverse work environment where all are welcome! Check out resources here!

I did my PhD at the Université de Genève (download thesis here) and I was a Fellow of the Swiss National Science Foundation at The University of Chicago.

For more information about my research or teaching, including AST-191, please visit my website