Research/Areas of Interest:

Experimental condensed matter physics; physics education

My primary physics research is in experimental surface science. In my lab at 574 Boston Ave., my students and I study what happens when foreign atoms and molecules form chemical bonds with metal surfaces. We examine how the interaction between the foreign molecule and the metal modify properties of both of them. In recent years a particular focus has been on how the attachment of the foreign molecule changes the electrical resistivity of the metal substrate. This area of research has relevance to a range of potential applications including catalysis, chemical sensing, and the growth of thin films and nanoparticles on surfaces.

A second area of activity is physics education, particularly at the elementary school level. Together with collaborators at a local nonprofit organization and at other universities, I am working to develop and study curriculum materials and professional development strategies for teachers to improve instruction in science in grades 3-5.


  • PhD Physics, University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, United States, 1985
  • MA Physics, University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, United States, 1982
  • AB Physics, Harvard University, Cambridge, United States, 1978