Statement of Solidarity

June 2020

We are committed to doing more to dismantle the systemic injustice that Black children, youth, and families, including our Black students, alumni, and colleagues, experience every day. We have not done enough as a community to hold up to the light the many forms and systems of racial oppression and inequity that have historically targeted Black individuals, and to work tirelessly to change them. In light of the continuing police brutality against Black individuals, most recently the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and many others; the resulting protests sweeping the nation; the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic, which has ravaged Black communities; and in response to feedback from our student and alumni community, we are taking action.

The diversity statement of our department is "We value diversity and are committed to pursuing equity and justice in our work and in the world." To live up to this mission statement, we are working to educate ourselves about our roles – whether active or passive – in addressing systemic issues at the personal, departmental, university, and societal levels. As part of the change-making effort dedicated specifically to addressing issues of diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging, and in addition to the efforts already put forward by Tufts University, we are creating short-, and long-term plans to put our values into action.

In solidarity,

Marina Bers
Mary Buckingham
Kathleen Camara
Lori Campbell
Kathryn Cantrell
Mary Casey
Renata Celichowska
Paul Chase
Justina Clayton
Eileen Crehan
Lori Deluca
Julie Dobrow
Elizabeth Dowling
Parastu Dubash
Ann Easterbrooks
Leandra Elion
Rebecca Fauth
David Henry Feldman
Hanna Gebretensae
Calvin Gidney
Jessica Goldberg
Gabriela Herrera
Lacey Hilliard
Katie Hustins
Heidi Johnson
Sara Johnson
Theo Klimstra
Chie Kotake
Mary Ellen Leone
Jarrett Lerner
Richard Lerner
Tama Leventhal
Lynne May Lim
Jim Lipsky
Marianna Litovich
Jordin Luxenberg
Melinda Macht-Greenberg
Christine McWayne
Laurie Miller
Jayanthi  Mistry
Kerri Modry-Mandell
Megan Mueller
Wendy Ochoa
Cynthia Parker
Ellen Pinderhughes
Martha Pott
Marion Reynolds
Diane Ryan
George Scarlett
Matthew Slepin
Cynthia Smith
Amanda Strawhacker
Amanda Sullivan
Jonathan Tirrell
Dian Yu